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Summer Classes
8 weeks: June 18-August 19, 2024. Closed: July 2-8, 2024 for Independence Day break.

Full Session Special:
Sign up for the full week summer session and pay just $35 /class! (total $280)
2-7 Class Packs $39 /class
Single Dropins are $42

Precrawlers (2-6 month) 30 min class

FREE from 2 month birthday (after 2 month shots) until 3 month birthday.
On 3 month birthday, $22/class for the remainder of the session or until 6 month birthday--whichever comes first!

2-7 Precrawlers class packs $26/class
Single Precrawlers dropins $28


Age Descriptions:

  • Precrawlers:  2-6 months, 12:30, 30 minute class: Laying down/assisted sitting (can stay in this class until child is 6 months)

  • Infants/Ones: 6-16 months. Active sitting/crawling/starting to walk

  • Ones/Twos: 16-29 months. Beginning to walk/talk/walking/talking

  • Mixed Ages: 2-36 months. Infants/ones/twos/threes-class for siblings of varying ages, little friends of varying ages, or best fit for child's schedule

  • Musical Storytime Mixed age: Musical storytime with Moosiki blended in! This class is for kids who love reading and listening, but also love music and dancing!


📍UWS at Central Park 85th. 

Directions: UWS Central Park, 85th and CPW entrance. Enter Central Park on the NORTH side of W 85th Street and CPW and walk up the hill. We will be at the top of the hill, under the trees on the right.  

⏰10:30am Mixed Age Musical Storytime 

⏰11:30pm Infant/Ones 

⏰12:30pm Precrawlers 30 min class (FREE from 2m-3m bday)


📍UES at 67th & 5th

Directions: Directions from entrance at E67th: Enter park on East 67th and 5th ave entrance. Go straight, passing the billy Johnson playground; turn right. Go straight. Take your second left (at the fork) to walk towards the park drive. We will be under the trees on the LEFT.

⏰10:30am  Ones/Twos
⏰11:30am  Infants/Ones 

12:30pm  Precrawlers 30 min class (FREE from 2m-3m bday)


📍Carl Schurz E 87th

Directions: UES Carl Schurz, E87 St and EEA. Enter the park at E. 87th and East End Ave. Turn LEFT and go up the hill walking straight towards the water. We will be under the trees to the left before you get to the path that runs along the water.

⏰10:30am  Ones/Twos  

⏰11:30am  Infants/Ones 

⏰12:30am  Precrawlers 30 min class (FREE from 2m-3m bday)

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