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  • What is the reservation policy?
    Please reserve your spot on your website! We understand that life can be unpredictable, which is why we offer drop-in classes for your convenience! Simply come when you can and pay by the day. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, we limit each class to 12-14 students (depending on the classroom size) to prevent overcrowding. If you would like to reserve an extra spot for a sibling, please send us an email before class time. Please note that a sibling's first visit is a free trial, but if they attend again, there will be a drop-in fee.
  • Who is watching my child during class?
    Parents and caregivers need to supervise their children at all times. Mixed aged classes can be challenging! We need to make sure we are all aware and considerate of every student in class, to ensure we all have to most fun possible! Please note we have a "three strikes" policy--if a child forcefully engages in unsafe behavior (ie hitting, biting, etc) three times, they will no longer be able to attend class. We ask that if your child is sick (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, rash, anything contagious, etc.) that you please keep your child at home and take a makeup class. Thank you!
  • What is the policy for visiting siblings and grownups?
    Visiting Sibling Policy: Siblings visiting class on a temporary basis (such as a day off from school, etc.) may "visit" class once for free and then pay-per-class, but please call or email to avoid overcrowding. Visiting Grownups Policy: We LOVE to have grownups visit class--grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, etc! Whenever possible, we invite visitors into the classroom with us! However, in sold out classes, we really have limited space. We ask to limit at one (1) adult per child inside the classroom, and have visiting adults please watch from outside the classroom! Seating will be provided when possible. (You can even alternate adults in the classroom during the class, and "switch off," haha! Go team!) Thank you for your understanding!
  • What is the Covid policy?
    We no longer require indoor masking but we do ask that if you, your caregiver, or your child have any symptoms of Covid 19 such as coughing, fever, etc that you stay home and take a makeup class.
  • Is there a free trial period?
    You are eligible for a free trial if you have never taken a Moosiki Kids class before. If you have taken a Moosiki Kids class when your child was younger, or taken a class through kidpass, you are not eligible for a free trial. Trials must let us know if they will not be attending, or we count the trial as attended.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    When signing up 2 children at once for the Full Session, you will receive 20% off for the second child! This applies to Full Session sign-ups only.
  • Why type of payment is accepted?
    We accept cash, checks, credit cards, or PayPal for our indoor classes.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Students signed up for a full session can be issued a refund for unused lessons within the first week of the session. Students signed up for less than a full session can take makeup classes, but they are not eligible for refunds. Registrations are not transferable to other students.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    At Moosiki Kids, we understand that life happens and sometimes families may need to miss a class. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to make up any missed classes, which is why we allow up to 3 makeups per session. Please keep in mind that if you miss 4 or more classes, that 4th (or more) class will be forfeited. To make scheduling easier, families may switch class times up to 3 times per session. However, any switch beyond that will count as one of the allotted makeups. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be missing a class, as it will be counted as attended otherwise. We try our best to accommodate makeups whenever possible, but please be aware Moosiki kids is not responsible for missed classes. Makeups do not carry over to following sessions. To ensure you can take advantage of your makeups, please schedule them as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!
  • How can I sign my child up for classes in the park?
    Register on the Moosiki Kids website, agree to the park disclaimer, and let us know any other relevant information. Moosiki Kids will then send you a confirmation that we have a spot for you in class along with the balance due. You can pay with your PayPal account or credit card.
  • Why type of payment is accepted?
    Payments must be made in advance by credit card or PayPal. Only indoor classes accept cash as payment.
  • What are the class rules?
    If your child walks/crawls away from the group, we insist that you go with them. If they prefer to listen to the music while exploring, that is fine, however since we cannot control outside circumstances in the park (bicycles, dogs, insects, etc). We insist that you are within arms reach of your child at all times. Due to privacy concerns, please only take photos of your own child/children. Please turn off all flash and volume levels on your camera and phone to limit distractions. Please keep adult conversation to a minimum while the teacher is singing/speaking. We can all catch up on conversing between sets, instrument of the week, etc.!
  • What should I bring to class?
    Blanket, perferably water resistant Sunblock Water Bug spray Hats
  • How does the weather affect classes?
    Too hot or too cold - We will be outside having class in all sorts of weather: drizzle, hot days, windy days, cool day, we will be there! It is totally at your discretion to come to class on any given day. If it is too hot or too cold for you to come to class, you can definitely stay home and take a make-up class. Rain- If it is pouring or is threatening to pour, or has thunder/lightning, we will cancel class and you can take a make-up class. Shade - Classes are always in the shade. If the shade moves, we move! We will email and/or text to your email/phone provided on your registration form in the event of a cancellation, so please provide correct contact information where you can be reached throughout the day. Please wait to hear from us--we will contact if class is cancelled. If you do not hear from us, class is going on as scheduled! Disclaimer: Moosiki Kids Inc. and any of its officers cannot be held liable for any outside circumstances that might occur while attending classes in an uncontrolled environment such as a public park. These circumstances might include but are not limited to insects, sun, rain, wind, trees, animals, vehicles, people, sports, and any other items related to the park.
  • Are there are any free trials?
    Free Trial classes may be taken in the park. However, as we need you to register in order to have all contact information on file and to agree to the covid waiver.
  • How does the free Precrawlers class work?
    Free Precrawlers Class in the Park: Join us for our park precrawlers 30-minute class, offered once a week for free until your child turns 2 months old up until your child's 3 month birthday. If you decide to continue after that, you'll be charged the precrawlers class rate for the same class until you child’s 6 month birthday. At that point, your child will move up to our older older class and regular Moosiki Kids pricing will apply. We’ll provide you with pricing options closer to your child’s three month and six month birthdays to ensure a smooth transition. Please note that if a precrawlers class is cancelled due to weather, we won't be able to offer makeup classes for the cancelled free classes. However, if you've already started paying for the class after your child turns 3 months old, you'll be eligible for makeup classes for that class. If you wish to attend a second class per week, you'll need to pay the precrawlers rates for that class. Once we move indoors, we'll charge for the precrawlers class at half-priced rates.
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