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Come and make some moo-sic with us!

Moosiki Kids offers a unique and engaging "grownup-and-me" music program that caters to children from 2 months to 4 years old. We believe that music plays a vital role in the overall development of children, and our program reflects that belief. Our classes feature a range of activities designed to help children communicate through baby sign language, develop musical appreciation, and expose them to a variety of new sounds and rhythms. Each week, we introduce a new "instrument of the week" and incorporate fun props like puppets and a parachute. Our classes are designed to be enjoyable and fun, while also providing valuable musical learning experiences. Although classes are mixed ages, we do recommend grouping children of similar ages together to enhance their experience.

Click Here for our Winter Class Schedule! 



Join us for our Musical Playgroup designed specifically for our youngest Moosiki members, aged 2-4 months (with the option to continue until 7 months by paying the precrawlers rate after your child's 4 month birthday).


Our 30-minute class is a perfect opportunity for you and your baby to meet new friends, sing along to familiar children's favorites as well as our original songs, and participate in gentle movement songs, puppet play, and bubbles. For floor exercises, please bring a blanket to ensure your baby's comfort. We look forward to welcoming you and your little one to this special musical experience!

Moo-sic Babies

Join us for our  Moo-sic Babies class, where infants and young one-year-olds can discover the world of music while meeting new friends! Our class encourages your child's development through music while providing a fun and safe environment for exploration. Whether your child is just taking their first steps, crawling around the room, or seated, they will enjoy playing with baby maracas and experiencing the joy of music. Come join us and let's make music together!


Little Moo-vers

This class is perfect for your little ones who have just learned to walk and are ready to bop it like a tot! We encourage exploration of the room while exploring music at the same time. This class is designed for older ones and young two-year-olds who are typically walking, jumping, and starting to talk. Come join us and let's have some fun!


Musical Storytime

Join us for a delightful experience in our Musical Storytime class, perfect for the little ones who love listening to stories! Each week, we will explore a new musical book and tell musical stories using a storyboard. Through the use of various instruments, we will also engage in songs related to the story of the week. It's a great way to enhance your child's love for both music and storytelling!

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Summer on the Hudson Concert Series

Summer on the Hudson is NYC Parks' annual outdoor arts and culture festival that takes place in Riverside Park from 59th Street to 153rd Street. Moosiki concerts are free to the public and registration is not required. 

Concerts occur every Thursday at 10:30am starting May 4th thru June 29th

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